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Our Commitment to Your Privacy

Every time you use, you give us information. It may include:

  • anonymous information about how you accessed the website or the documents you downloaded, or
  • personal information that you provided when you registered for, paid for or requested a service, or signed up for a newsletter.

No matter what information you share with us, St. Andrews By The Lake Golf Resort is committed to protecting your privacy. We collect, use and disclose personal information in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and other applicable legislation.


Most websites, including the St. Andrews By The Lakes, use “cookies” which are small data files saved on your device to ensure the website works efficiently and maximizes your user experience. Cookies help your device remember your preferences, such as font size and colour. Our cookies do not collect or share personal information or install anything on your device.

When you use the St. Andrews By The Lake website you agree to the use of cookies. Most browsers allow you to choose whether to accept cookies or not. If you do not wish to have cookies placed on your device, please set your browser preferences to reject all cookies before accessing the St. Andrews By The Lake website.

We collect personal information when you:

  • make an inquiry via email. When you email us, we ask for your name and mailing or email address for the purpose of responding to your enquiry. Only those who “need to know” will have access to the information you provide.
  • register on our Lightspeed Chrono Golf Reservation and Clover POS System. Information collected during the registration process is collected in compliance with the privacy provisions of FIPPA.
  • book tee times or register for programs. Any information collected for these purposes is used solely by the Golf Division for administering the programs and making reservations. Information provided is also used to verify a customer’s identity and approve eligibility for reservations and discounted rate programs.

The information you provide allows us to meet your specific needs and expectations, as well as our business needs. When you use our programs, services and facilities, you will receive a personalized printed receipt validating the programs, purchases and reservations you’ve paid for.

Your personal information is never improperly disclosed or sold to outside parties.

As we aim to educate and spread the word about St. Andrews By The Lake, our website may link to other sites for which we are not responsible for their content or privacy policy practices. We always strive to link to other high standard and reputable sites who share the same level of privacy as we do.

For the purpose of Google Remarketing, Adwords, Facebook conversion tracking and others, we employ the use of cookies on our website.

All content on every page of our website is protected by applicable copyright laws. We do not grant the permission to copy, distribute, modify, frame any text, graphics, video, audio or software code, nor do we allow permission to post, or use our design interface and logo without our explicit written consent. Unauthorized use or exploitation of our name is strictly prohibited.

If you’ve signed up for and consented to receive our eNewsletter containing news, updates and promotions from St. Andrews By The Lake Golf Resort, you may withdraw your consent at any time.

If you have any questions, please contact our Privacy Officer at